Hermits of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

of Mount Carmel  


As the Lord of hosts lives, whom I serve..."        1 Kings 18:15


Application for Vocations  Weekend at Mt. Carmel






Phone: (     )

City:                                         State:                     Zip:

Cell Phone: (     )

Date of Birth:                           Place:                     

Are you a US citizen?                                       Are you a US resident?           If yes, do you have a green card?

Height:                                      Weight:                                   

Education (Circle One):      High School  -  College  - Other ___________

Are you a practicing Catholic, having received Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation?

Any debts or financial obligations?    If yes, explain.       

Have you been a member of a Seminary or Religious Order? If yes, please explain.


Do you spend time in prayer & spiritual reading:   ____Daily?   ____Sometimes?  ____Weekly?

Do you presently live a celibate lifestyle?:  If yes; for how long?  _________

Do you attend Mass:   ____Daily?   ____Sometimes?  ____Every Sunday?

Do you live with:  ___ parents? ___   or relative? ___  apartment/rented room?  ___  own home? 

Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number:

Do you have any physical impairments or chronic illnesses?

Do you smoke? _______                             For how long?_______
Do you consume alcohol? _______             How much?_________

How is your health?                    Explain:


Have you ever used illicit drugs?            Explain:



Do you take regularly any prescribed medicine?

Please list medicines & reason for prescription:


Are you presently or have been under the care of a psychologist?

For what reason?

Do you require a special diet?
Please attach a recent photo of yourself .


How long have you been thinking about the contemplative life?  What attracts you to seek this way of life?





Weekend Applying For:  

                                 1st Choice:  ______________     2nd Choice:  ______________

Please mail application to: Mt. Carmel Hermitage, P.O. Box 337, Christoval, Texas 76935-0337

Or email to: stellamaris@carmelitehermits.org

Phone: 325-896-2249





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